Daz Iray – Gypsy

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Daz Iray - Gypsy - merchant resource, that can be used to create your Free/Commercial projects. Textures are high quality 800 x 800 px
You will get 190 seamless tiles and daz iray shaders with this settings: silk and some also saved as semi-transparent sheer. Not all tiles have unique designs, many of them are color variations.
This makes this set a very versatile resource, because you can mix and match materials easely.
Not all materials have transparent version! There are 190 silk iray shaders and only 125 also come with transparency option.

In total 315 iray shaders and 190 textures

Unzipped file size 265 mb

You can use this set to create clothing textures, free or for sale, but you can not use it to create similar resource.

Author: Mod 3D

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